Activism Across Division: Peacebuilding Strategies & Insights from Northern Ireland


DEEPLY divided societies around the world can draw on the lessons captured in this report, compiled by SCI Fellows with decades of experience in peacebuilding.

The publication features the reflections of activists working within, and between, communities in Northern Ireland/the North of Ireland – a contested society that even disagrees on its name.

Its authors focus on the contribution of inclusive dialogue and community activism in ending large scale conflict and sustaining an uneasy peace process.

Monina O'Prey has delivered grass-roots peacebuilding projects for 40 years, while Seán Feenan has been a peacebuilder in politically marginalised communities for more than 30 years.

In addition to their insights, the publication features reflections from SCI Peacebuilding Executive Avila Kilmurray.


Northern Ireland has been a unique seed-bed for ideas and approaches on how to adopt and adapt a community development approach in a contested society.

This publication reflects aspects of work undertaken over the period 1995-2020, which tracked the uncertainties of diverse periods of peacebuilding.

The work ranged from building community development participation in fractured communities to supporting the growth of self-help political ex-prisoner initiatives.

The collection is attached to this article, or can be downloaded here: Activism Across Division - Peacebuilding Strategies and Insights from Northern Ireland.pdf