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Ahmad Bakdad

Ahmad Bakdad is a legal professional from Syria who advocates for the rights of young individuals and children, actively supporting initiatives for social justice, human rights, and the advancement of peace and equality. Over the last seven years, he has dedicated himself to collaborating with diverse civil society organisations, NGOs, INGOs, and UN agencies, including UNICEF, the Syrian Bar Association, and the United Nations Development Programme. His contributions have impacted humanitarian endeavours across Syria and the Middle East. Ahmad also holds active memberships in several international associations focused on youth, community development, and peacebuilding.

During his fellowship, Ahmad will join an international organisation as an intern, where he will contribute to their global work on conflict resolution and peacebuilding. His time at the organisation will be dedicated to strengthening his skills and enhancing his knowledge in the areas of peacebuilding and conflict resolution. He aims to expand his network by engaging with international colleagues and learning from their experiences.

Ahmad plans to leverage this experience and newfound knowledge to empower communities in Syria and internationally. He intends to transfer his expertise and use it to drive social change and social cohesion initiatives for peace and social integration.

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Based in Damascus Governorate, Syria