Attitudes Towards National Identity, Immigration, and Refugees in Italy


This report provides insight into Italians’ opinions about their country, its place in the world and their relationship to Italy’s recent migrants. It comes at a time of political disruption and division, with 89 per cent of Italians in a recent poll describing their country as divided1 . Italy drew international attention in 2018 when post-election negotiations led to the formation of governing coalition of populist parties. The MoVimento 5 Stelle and Lega were elected on a wave of ‘anti-establishment’ feelings. 

As this report shows, Italians are profoundly frustrated with their governing classes, corruption and inequality. They feel that the system is broken, and they worry about a lack of opportunities for the next generation of Italians. They are disappointed in the European Union’s failure to support them, and are especially frustrated by the failure of other nations to help them manage their sea borders. In an era of deep scepticism about conventional solutions, they are looking for change.