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Christine Bell

Christine Bell is an SCI board member and is Professor of Constitutional Law at Edinburgh University, and Assistant Principal (Global Justice), and a founder and co-director of the Global Justice Academy, UoE. She is a Fellow of the British Academy. 

Previously she was Professor of Public International Law, and a founder and Director of the Transitional Justice Institute at the University of Ulster. From 1997-99 she was Director of the Centre for International and Comparative Human Rights Law at Queen’s University of Belfast. 

She has been active in non-governmental organisations, and was chairperson of the Belfast-based Committee on the Administration of Justice from 1995-7, and a founding member of the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission established under the Belfast Agreement. 

In 1999 she was a member of the European Commission’s Committee of Experts on Fundamental Rights. 

She has authored two books on peace agreements and has taken part in various peace negotiations discussions, giving constitutional law and human rights law advice, and also providing training for diplomats, mediators and lawyers working on a variety of international conflicts.

  1. Board Member

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland