Conference on the Role of the Media in Deeply Divided Societies


Populism, extremism and polarisation are on the rise internationally, with major implications for societies already challenged by division and conflict. What role does the media play in these developments and what responsibility if any should it have in creating more peaceful and stable communities?

SCI is holding a two-day international conference in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on the role and responsibilities of the media in deeply divided societies.

Participants will hear directly from the experience of people working in a range of conflicted societies

The conference will consider:

  • The extent to which the role of media has featured in peace agreements around the world.
  • What role is the media playing in deeply divided societies?
  • What role is social media playing in deeply divided societies in particular? How should societies respond to the social media age?
  • What role should the media play in deeply divided societies? What does good practice look like and how do we encourage it?

The event will provide journalists, peace building practitioners, policy makers, activists, and funders, with an opportunity to examine the challenges involved and to consider solutions.

It is being organised by SCI in partnership with the University of Edinburgh’s Political Settlements Research Programme and the international peace building organisation, Conciliation Resources.

Since the conference...

Following the conference we began publishing some of the findings. See here.