Disinformation and what can be done about it


Social change activists around the world are seeing a significant rise in problems due to disinformation.

In many societies this is causing serious damage to community cohesion, to democracy and to wider stability and well-being. How exactly is the problem manifesting itself and what does an effective response look like?

These are the questions we will explore with three panellists who have distinct expertise and important perspectives on the issue.

  • Mike Posner is the director of the New York University Centre for Business and Human Rights which has been centrally involved in the debate about social media regulation.  He previously served in the Obama Administration as Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor. 
  • Aoife Gallagher is an Analyst at the Institute of Social Dialogue where she focuses on the intersection between far-right extremism, disinformation and conspiracy theories and the online ecosystem where these ideas flourish and spread. Previously, Aoife was a journalist with the online news agency, Storyful.
  • Kavisha Pillay is a social change activist working with Corruption Watch in South Africa.  She is currently working on how big data techniques can be used to advance social justice and how best to understand disinformation and prevent its exploitation.  She is also exploring practical ways for the public and communities to counter this growing problem in SA and globally.

This event has now taken place. Find an article and video here.