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Dr Edona Maloku

Edona has dedicated her career to help bridge ethnic divides in Kosovo and the Western Balkans regionally, while also sharing and inspiring work in other divided societies globally.

Her fellowship will deepen her own activism by putting into practice scholarly work that she has been accumulating for several years now on how to bridge divisions and address inequality in school settings in deeply divided societies.

Providing her with essential time out, Edona will produce an online module on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion to help interested users (teachers and students, policy makers, funders, international NGOs and scholars) understand key issues of division in post-conflict Kosovo. A special focus will be given to the current challenges that the divided systems of education pose to the principles of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion among the future generations of Kosovar citizens.

 In doing her fellowship, Edona will collaborate closely with colleagues from the Centre for Shared Education at the Queen’s University of Belfast.

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