Editar Adhiambo Ochieng

Editar is the founder of the Feminist for Peace Rights and Justice Center located in Kibera, Kenya.  She is an unapologetic proud feminist who believes in social activism as a tool to promote change.

She believes in women’s rights and that every right in the law should be enjoyed equally. Her goal is a society that "enables the full development, safety, access to equal rights, fair justice and self- actualization of young women."  Through her work at the Centre, Editar aims to build leadership among young women, with particular focus on upskilling them to combat gender-based violence. She encourages women to speak their stories, raising awareness and support by publicizing the commonality of their experiences.

She has been a longstanding advocate for the realization of Women’s and Girls’ Rights, and has been working to tackle gender-based violence both before and during the Covid-19 pandemic. She has championed the inclusion of women in peace and security plans that focus on both human rights but also advocating for the implementation of UN Resolutions 1325 and 2250 at local community level.

Editar’s fellowship focuses on enhancing her own leadership skills and developing practical tools to tackle gender-based violence in Kibera.  During the fellowship she will also work to develop the leadership and capacity of a selected group of 30 young women in Kibera.

  1. The Fellowship Programme

Based in Kibera, Kenya