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Eleni Takou

Eleni Takou is an expert on migration and hate crime, anti-racist advocacy and strategic communication. She is currently setting up a new initiative to build bridges between knowledge production, field work and policy-making on migration in the Mediterranean region (MedMA), while also working on sustainability issues. Eleni is co-writer of the book Migration in Greece. Eleven myths and even more truths, published by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, and co-editor of XthemOut: The Black Map of Racist Violence. Eleni has partnered and supported SCI’s work on migration narratives and regularly contributes to SCI’s global dialogues with activists.

During her fellowship, Eleni will oversee a research study on the “hidden tribes” of Greece, analysing large groups of people who don’t identify with any political organisation and feel alienated by the political reality. She aims to pursue an in-depth understanding of the powers that drive Greek political contestation today and its links to the European discourse.  She believes this information can support better strategies for dialogue with these groups.

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Based in Athens, Greece