Emma Johnston

Emma is a youth worker in the Equality Work with Young Women’s team of Youth Action NI. Emma’s focus has been on violence against women and girls, mental health, women’s rights and equality, and much more. Emma is currently working in the area of sexual health, engaging young people around NI on areas of sexual health in order to develop a holistic youth work training programme for youth workers, so they can ensure RSE (Relationship, Sexuality Education) is high on the agenda and youth workers feel confident to deliver information for a more sustainable future.

Emma has experienced the impact that social constructs of gender have on the lives of young women and men in her community - areas such as consent, understanding of sexual assault, etc. and there is still a lot of work to do in this area, but Emma is dedicated to helping move things forward. Emma’s Fellowship involved organising a workshop bringing experts together to facilitate a conversation on how young men can engage in meaningful conversations around misogyny.

  1. Peacebuilding Leadership Programme

Based in Derry, Northern Ireland