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Judith Hill

Judith has been a journalist with commercial broadcaster Ulster Television (UTV) for 14 years and is passionate about capturing the stories of those whose voices can easily be marginalised. She has reported on many key news events across these islands, as well as stories in a number of countries around the world, including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia and India. Over 10 years ago Judith set up a community storytelling project called ‘Tell It In Colour’ which has been a space for lesser heard community stories to be told, either online or at storytelling events.

Judith’s focus during the Fellowship was on the role storytelling can play in furthering peace. This included the creation and release of a podcast series called ‘Peace by Piece’. It became a space for conversations with peace activists, to find out what galvanises people to keep pushing forward with peace and also to talk through the challenges that hold us back as a society. The podcasts became an audio bank of valuable insights and stories from those with vital first-hand experience of exactly where we are with peace and reconciliation.

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Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland