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Kavisha Pillay

Kavisha is an activist who is currently employed as the Head of Stakeholder Relations and Campaigns at Corruption Watch. Kavisha studied Journalism at the University of Johannesburg and shortly after she completed her final semester in 2012, she joined Corruption Watch. She is responsible for managing diverse work streams, which include the collection of whistle-blower reports, managing public mobilisation campaigns, and overseeing the organisation’s research outputs. In 2020, Kavisha qualified as a data scientist and is currently exploring how big data techniques can be used to advance social justice.

Her fellowship will explore the current impact of disinformation in the South African context, research methods and interventions that can combat disinformation, and provide practical ways for the public, communities and individuals to counter this problem. She aims to apply research and learning, to improve the awareness of other civil society actors, locally and internationally, on the concept of data justice and countering disinformation.

Kavisha addressed an SCI event on disinformation. See here

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Based in Johannesburg, South Africa