Marija Jakovljevic

Marija is based in Serbia and has 15 years of engagement connecting feminism, human and environmental rights, peacebuilding, social and solidarity economy, and progressive philanthropy.   Marija’s activism started as a student fighting against sexual harassment in high school and progressed into exploring the economic and social consequences of neoliberal transformation, and more recently peacebuilding.  Marija was programme coordinator of the Serbia Reconstruction Women’s Fund and has served as a WG member in Foundations for Peace Network, contributing to peer-learning on peacebuilding from Northern Ireland to Indonesia.  She is part of the Global Resilience Fund for girls and young women, and a member of the Torchlight Collective.

Marija’s fellowship explores the potential of the solidarity economy to help strengthen the autonomy and sustainability of peacebuilding work.  She will examine the theory behind the solidarity economy and its adoption within peacebuilding practice in conflict and post-conflict situations.  Marija will immerse herself in understanding how theory is translated into practice and strengthen global connections with peacebuilding groups utilising the solidarity economy to support their work.  Marija’s intention is to develop and disseminate position papers, open conversation spaces, webinars and thought pieces that will be available on appropriate platforms throughout her fellowship.

  1. The Fellowship Programme

Based in Serbia