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Pradip G. More

Pradip is the Deputy Director of the Dalit Foundation, an organisation focused on strengthening Dalit youth leadership through fellowships and innovative strategies to eradicate untouchability practices based on caste and gender. Pradip, is a member of the Dalit community, and his mission is to combat caste-based discrimination and put an end to it.

Through campaigning for human rights, Pradip influenced the Bombay High Court to safeguard the rights of people engaged in manual scavenging, putting a stop to inhumane practices in Maharashtra and now focusing on five more states. He also monitors caste atrocities against Dalits and Tribals, supporting marginalised communities with a programme that offers legal literacy and legal intervention to secure fundamental rights and constitutional values.

During his fellowship, Pradip aims to compile stories of change by drawing from his own life experiences and work as a Dalit activist. He will continue to analyse cases of caste atrocities against Dalits and Tribals to increase the understanding of the challenges they face, and to serve as a basis for further advocacy work, particularly by young people.

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Based in Ahmedabad, India