Salum Abdullah Abdallah

Salum, a young queer Muslim activist, is the Executive Director of the Bridge Initiative Organisation based in Zanzibar Tanzania. He is also a youth leader in his community, advocating for the rights of other queer Muslims.  He works to create change in the predominantly Islamic Zanzibar region of Tanzania, where penalties for same-sex sexual activities are criminalised with sentences of up to life imprisonment.

During his fellowship, Salum aims to harness his personal experiences to research the intersection of LGBTQ+ rights and religious beliefs in Tanzania. Given the significant influence of religion, particularly the Muslim faith, on public opinion and policymaking in the country, Salum aims to utilise his findings to facilitate constructive dialogues between LGBTQ+ groups and religious leaders. His ultimate goal is to contribute to the progressive improvement of the lives of LGBTQ+ individuals in Tanzania.

  1. The Fellowship Programme

Based in Zanzibar, Tanzania