Statelessness – what is it, why is it a problem and how can we best work to tackle it?


Statelessness is a growing global problem affecting millions of people. SCI, Ariadne and the Institute for Statelessness and Inclusion (ISI) would like to invite you to join a 90-minute briefing on this little understood but increasingly pressing problem.

The session will provide an opportunity to hear directly from people living with the consequences of statelessness and to learn more about how the problem can best be tackled.

Inputs from:

Ali Johar is a Rohingya refugee activist currently based in New Delhi, India. He is one of the founding members of Rohingya Human Rights Initiative and is currently undertaking a Fellowship with the Social Change Initiative.

Caia Vlieks is ISI’s Research and Education Officer. She coordinates ISI’s capacity building portfolio and supports ISI’s academic engagement work. She has just submitted her post-doctoral research on European legal instruments that can contribute to preventing and solving statelessness.

Anna Shea is Senior Programme Officer for Human Rights at the Sigrid Rausing Trust. She Manages the Xenophobia and Intolerance Programme. She has 10 years of experience on asylum and migration matters and has done human rights research and advocacy in several countries.

Karina Ambartsoumian-Clough is a stateless activist based in the United States. She is Co-Founder and Executive Director of US Based organisation, United Stateless.

  • Note: This event has taken place. Find video and article here.