Stories of Change: Working with the Moveable Middle


Social Change Initiative collaborates with activists, policy makers and funders to deliver lasting social change. In 2015, at the height of tensions around the arrival of increased numbers of refugees and migrants into Europe, we were asked if we could help to tackle the pervasive, negative narratives about migration and migrants. In response we were able to mobilize resources to establish the Migration Narrative Project (MNP).

As part of the MNP, Social Change Initiative commissioned two case studies to recount the experience of our partner organizations working to change two different migration debates. In Germany, JUMA and ICPA (International Centre for Policy Advocacy) built a public campaign to change attitudes of middle audiences towards Muslims living in Germany. In France, Destin Commun and four French Catholic organizations worked to change Catholics’ views on migration. The case studies describe the process of engaging middle audiences as well as the lessons learned. While these organizations tailored processes to their experience and context, a set of common criteria seemed to emerge and form the basis of a methodology to engage with middle audiences.

Download this short report of the lessons learned from our Stories of Change Case Studies.

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