Human Rights & People Living with Dementia


People living with dementia have the same rights as other citizens, but can face barriers in having their rights respected and fulfilled. 

Our report on Human Rights Based Approaches in Dementia describes how people with dementia and other advocates are promoting participation and empowerment, tackling discrimination and challenging decisions that do not appear to respect an individual's rights.   

The Dementia Signature Programme - a partnership between The Atlantic Philanthropies and the Northern Ireland Government - sought to embed good practices in publicly supported dementia services.  People with dementia were involved in the programme as participants, consultees and co-producers.  Our review found that it was a positive experience for those involved, but they called for more sustained involvement in service and policy development.  In our animation, people with dementia set out their vision for a bigger role in shaping the policies and services that affect their lives.

You can find out more about the Dementia Signature Programme work under Making Change with Government in the Resources for Change section of the website.