Webinar: The Contribution of Dialogue & Community Activism in Northern Ireland: Strategies for Peacebuilding?


SCI Fellows Seán Feenan and Monina O'Prey, with SCI Peacebuilding Executive Avila Kilmurray, will discuss their new collection of articles with lessons from the Northern Ireland peace process.

This webinar, moderated by Conal McFeely, will share experience and learning about the importance of community organising, networking and communication. Drawing on a peacebuilding approach that recognises the need to create pathways and initiatives to allow for change, the webinar will chart practical experience and challenges.

Monina O'Prey has delivered grass-roots peacebuilding projects for 40 years, while Seán Feenan has been a peacebuilder in politically marginalised communities for more than 30 years.

In addition to their insights, the publication features reflections from SCI Peacebuilding Executive Avila Kilmurray.

  • This event has now taken place. Find a copy of the publication here.