The Issues

Migration is one of the defining human rights issues of our time.

How societies respond to it will determine the resilience of welcoming communities and the realization of migrants’ human potential for decades to come. SCI believes we can only secure inclusive, fair and peaceful communities if we address the challenges of migration.

Our migration work seeks to influence public policy and transform the way societies welcome and integrate migrants and refugees.

We are committed to supporting civil society activism and advocacy that responds positively to the opportunities and challenges raised by migration.

Our Areas of Focus

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    Strengthening Migration Advocates

    SCI secures social change by helping advocates to be more effective. 

    Migration advocates need improved capacity, sophistication and connection in order to succeed while working in a climate that is often increasingly hostile to their goals.

    SCI strengthens migration advocates through:

    Primary Methods
    • One-on-one Mentoring
    • Capacity Building
    • Learning Exchanges
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    Changing the Narrative

    Migration narratives influence society’s common understanding of the issue. They often set the terms of debate and wider policy.

    Producing and amplifying inclusive stories encourages people to support compassionate and effective integration policies. 

    SCI changes the narrative through:

    Primary Methods
    • Capacity Building
    • Communication Research
    • Communication Strategies

Featured Activists

We support and work with individuals seeking to improve migration policies and practices.  

  • Mohamed Omar

    Mohamed Omar

    Mohamed is a part of SCI's migration mentoring program. He is Policy and Development Officer (Refugees) for Scotland at the Mental Health Foundation which enables delivery of change working with partners including individuals, groups and communities to support and empower them.

  • Denise Charlton

    Denise Charlton

    Denise is a part of SCI's migration mentoring program. She is a consultant and executive coach working with organisations on strategic management, leadership and team development, and strategic communications.



Research defines challenges and inspires solutions.

Progress, Resources, Learning

Sharing tools, analysis, lessons and insights from SCI's work and the work of our partners makes us and the sector more effective. 

Some of Our Partners in Migration

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