Yasah Musa

Yasah is a Project Manager at The Nubian Rights Forum, a grassroots legal empowerment organisation where he leads the Citizenship and Land Programme. With his human rights experience, particularly in citizenship, nationality, and digital ID, Yasah is committed to advocating for the rights of minority communities in Kenya, including the Nubians, Kenyan Somalis, Swahilis at the coast, and other stateless communities across the world.

In addition to his work with The Nubian Rights Forum, Yasah is centrally involved in the efforts to build a global movement of stateless people.  

During his fellowship, Yasah will deepen his understanding of statelessness and digital ID systems through desk research, engagement events, and practical experiences. He aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice, focusing on the Nubians in Uganda and their pursuit of recognition and land ownership. Yasah's goal is to advocate for policy reforms, foster community inclusion, and drive tangible change. The fellowship will provide an opportunity to foster informed advocacy strategies, and encourage a broader movement dedicated to advancing the rights of stateless communities not just in Kenya, but also across East Africa and the globe. 

  1. The Fellowship Programme

Based in Nairobi, Kenya