Other Resources for Change

Reports, research & advice on best practice across a range of fields.

Other Resources for Change

Tackling Disinformation

Disinformation is causing harm in societies around the globe, but there are steps we can take to combat it.

This document explains the terminology around the issue, features expert international opinion and includes links for further information.

Download it here: Disinformation - What is it and how can we counter problems with it.pdf

Leadership Transition & Succession

The report, available here, is aimed at those who are considering a leadership change, those exiting, those managing transition and succession planning within organisations and those who are replacing a leader as incoming CEO.

This guide, aimed at non-profit organisations, is informed by the latest literature and the practical experience of 20 non-profit organisations working in the area of social change.

When a Response is Required: Out-of-Programme Funding in a Time of Crisis

The Human Dignity Foundation (HDF) commissioned a study to evaluate the impact of an out-of-programme grant made to SCI in response to the refugee emergency in 2015.

In addition to evaluating the results, the case study explored the process and parameters HDF put into place as they considered funding options, potential grantees, and lessons for donors gleaned from this experience.

The document summarises the key findings and lessons from the study by Rebecca Rittgers.

Read the report here.