Seán Feenan

Seán has worked for over 30 years as a grass roots peace builder in the most politically marginalised communities in Northern Ireland.

He has particular experience of facilitating dialogue and mediation between and amongst groups and communities. Seán has also worked as a funder, with a focus on governance, leadership, strategy development and planning. He has worked internationally in a number of regions emerging from conflict.

Seán’s Fellowship is primarily focused on learning and applying lessons from the successes and challenges faced by local communities in grass-roots peacebuilding in Northern Ireland and in other contested societies. The fellowship involves local, national and international research, studying models of community-led initiatives and developing new strategies, approaches and resources for peacebuilding activists.  The fellowship will help strengthen Seán’s own development, expertise and resilience as a community-based, post-conflict change maker.

Through his SCI Fellowship, Seán co-authored the publication: Activism Across Division: Peacebuilding Strategies & Insights from Northern Ireland

Seán was a panellist when the Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation held its annual Una O’Higgins O’Malley Lecture in 2019. You can watch the panel featuring Seán here:

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