Strategic Advice & Consultancy

Maximising impact for donors, activists and policy makers

Strategic Advice & Consultancy

Maximising Change

Our strategic advice and consultancy team is focused on helping activist organisations, donors and policy makers to maximise the impact of their work for social change.

We work locally, nationally and internationally.  The team has a particular expertise in advocacy, the design and delivery of public policy and philanthropic programmes.  We bridge the worlds of activism, philanthropy and public policy.

Our team is noted for its focus on listening, strategic thinking, critical analysis, problem solving and making connections.

SCI provides strategic advice and consultancy across many areas of social change including peace-building, equality, human rights and migration. Our particular areas of expertise include:

  • philanthropic programme design and grant making processes
  • methods to engage and empower communities
  • leveraging funding and support
  • learning and evaluation
  • working in partnership with government, policy makers and philanthropy
  • messaging, narratives and communications
  • designing study visits to draw learning from the Northern Ireland peace process

For examples of some of this work, see the video here on a programme of engagement developed for the Commonwealth Foundation which brought women from around the world to discuss gender and peacebuilding. Meanwhile a report available here on funding provided by the Human Dignity Foundation to SCI looks at the successful creation of innovative strands of work on migration in Europe, the valuable outworking of our re-granting, and our leveraging of additional funding to maximise positive change. A note on the application of a rights-based approach in philanthropy, based on work carried out for the Oak Foundation, is available here.