SCI’s Strategic Advice & Consultancy Service

Maximising impact for donors, activists and policy makers

SCI’s Strategic Advice & Consultancy Service

Maximising Change

Our strategic advice and consultancy team is focused on helping activist organisations, donors and policy makers to maximise the impact of their work for social change.

We work locally, nationally and internationally across the key themes of peace-building, equality, human rights and migration.

We have particular expertise in advocacy, the design and delivery of public policy and philanthropic programmes. We bridge the worlds of activism, philanthropy and public policy.

Our services include:

  • Strategic review and evaluation
  • Extracting lessons & learning on activism and social change
  • Development of bespoke advocacy approaches
  • Support with messaging, narratives, media, and communications
  • Provision of analysis and insights into peacebuilding globally
  • Consultation and facilitation
  • Grant programme design – from inception through to exit and sustainability, monitoring and learning
  • Limited life philanthropy advice
  • Fund development advice
  • Convening, learning exchanges & study visits
  • Mentoring & support for activist and philanthropy leaders

Our approach is noted for its focus on listening, strategic thinking, critical analysis, problem solving and making connections. To read more about our past projects, our team and what people say about our services see SCI Summary of Strategic Advice and Consultancy Services.pdf