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Supporting Activism

Our Fellowship Programme is an opportunity for social change activists to reflect on their practice, share and exchange ideas, deepen skills and learn about fresh approaches and strategies for change.  

The Fellowship Programme is supporting activists based around the globe, working on issues such as migration, human rights, peacebuilding, and inequality. 

Find out more about our most recent group of Fellows:

We seek out activists who can demonstrate that participation in the fellowship programme will enhance their leadership and the impact of their work for social change. 

They can be seasoned campaigners and advocates who want to reflect and document their work, or emerging new activists who would benefit from exposure to the work, strategies, learning and good practice of others.

Through our networks, fellows can access a global community of people working on similar themes and using a diverse range of strategies and tactics to effect social change.

The SCI Fellowship Programme is not open for general applications. We seek nominations from contacts in a range of relevant areas and geographies.

You can read more about our wider group of fellows on our Team & Network page here.